Rescue Awards

Rescue Awards

Sikorsky helicopters have helped save an estimated 2 million lives since the first civilian helicopter rescue occurred on Nov. 29, 1945, using an R-5 Sikorsky aircraft.

We salute the extraordinarily courageous men and women who endanger their own lives to save others wounded in combat, trapped by hurricanes, mud slides, earthquakes, avalanches or other natural disasters, and imperiled by accidents such as shipwrecks.

Sikorsky initiated the Winged-S Rescue Award Program in 1950 to honor all those who perform rescues flying a Sikorsky helicopter. Through this award, we gratefully acknowledge the humanitarian efforts of all pilots and crewmembers who put themselves in harm's way to save others and fulfill company founder Igor Sikorsky's vision of the helicopter as a unique and powerful life-saving instrument.

To apply for this award, please follow this link.

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