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Sikorsky BLACK HAWK Helicopter Rescues Man from Mountainside

March 12, 2014
A North Carolina man is lucky to be alive thanks to brave National Guardsmen and a Sikorsky BLACK HAWK helicopter. The man was dangling along the Shortoff mountainside in North Carolina on March 10th when he was plucked to safety in a thrilling rescue.

Bravo Company, 1st Battalion 131st Aviation Regiment, a rescue crew stationed at the Army National Guard Aviation Facility at the Rowan County Airport, was put on standby and told to prepare for a rescue mission. Minutes later the mission ready BLACK HAWK and team were deployed.

The rescue team leader, Charlotte Fire Captain, Maurice Taylor said that this rescue is exactly what they train for and that there was never any danger to the crew.

The climber stood clinging to the mountain roughly 150 feet above a rock ledge the BLACK HAWK hovered just 10-15 feet from the mountain side with ease.

A BLACK HAWK performs a similar rescue: North Carolina BLACK HAWK helicopter responds to distress call June 13, 2013. Photo Courtesy US Department of Defense.

After a daring 20-minute maneuver, the climber was safely aboard the BLACK HAWK helicopter and transported to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte for treatment.

The 1st Battalion 131st Aviation Regiment flies as a part of the North Carolina Helicopter and Aquatic Rescue Team (NCHART). NCHART takes part in Wilderness High Angle Rescues such as mountain side rescues as well as flooding rescues, swift water and lost persons searches.

The BLACK HAWK was piloted by Captain Darrell Scoggins, who spoke to WBTV, the local North Carolina news station after the rescue:

"You're proud this guy is going to be reunited with his family," Scoggins told WBTV. "We pulled him out of a sticky situation and we're just happy we could be there to help."

"It's a feeling of satisfaction. That's what we are out here to do," said Captain Maurice Taylor. "It's a job well done and it brings us together. More of the reason we do what we do.”

At Sikorsky, we salute the brave men and women in the US Armed Forces who put their own lives at risk to save another and we take pride in the reliable aircraft we build and maintain that support these missions.

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