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December 06, 2005

  Stratford, Connecticut - Welcome to Sikorsky Frontlines, a newsletter for our military customers around the world.

Sikorsky Aircraft is on an extraordinary path of transformation- new aircraft models have been launched, higher efficiency services have been initiated, and cutting-edge technology programs that promise to change the paradigms of vertical flight have been funded.


At the core of this transformation is our commitment to our military customers, fulfilling a basic need to deliver the toughest, smartest and most survivable vertical flight systems that you can rely on when lives are on the line. We recognize that ultimately it is your work, skill, tenacity and spirit that makes our products excel, so this publication is a forum for you to share your stories and for us to acknowledge your achievements. Simply stated: your success is our mission.

Sikorsky Frontlines will keep you informed of recent updates, new products and technologies, program updates and on-going service activities.

Enjoy your reading!


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