S-92 Racking Up Off-Shore Hours in North Sea, Gulf, and North Atlantic

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S-92 Racking Up Off-Shore Hours in North Sea, Gulf, and North Atlantic

June 15, 2005

  PARIS AIR SHOW, France - Sikorsky Aircraft's S-92 helicopter has quickly become a workhorse among customers in the off-shore oil industry, closing in on 2,000 fleet hours since the first production aircraft was delivered in November 2004.

Four companies currently operate the S-92 from off-shore oil platforms in some of the world's most challenging marine environments in Europe and North America. S-92 operators include:

Petroleum Helicopters, Inc., which took delivery of the first S-92 and now has four S-92s operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Norsk Helikopter, the first S-92 offshore oil customer in Europe. Norsk currently has two S-92s operating from Bergen, Norway to support Statoil for crew change missions in the North Sea area. In addition, Norsk Helikopter plans to add three more S-92s to its fleet in 2006; two will provide ConocoPhillips all offshore services between Sola and Ekofisk; the third will provide all offshore services between Sola and the fields Valhall, Ula, Gyda and Petrojarl Varg.

CHC Helikopter Service's first S-92 entered revenue service in the North Sea in May under contract with Norsk Hydro, one of Norway's major oil companies. A second S-92 under contract to support Norsk Hydro will begin revenue flights shortly. CHC also has a contract with Statoil for one not yet delivered S-92 helicopter that will be operating out of Kristansund, Norway.

Cougar Helicopters Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the VIH Aviation Group, took delivery of its first Sikorsky S-92 helicopter in May to provide offshore helicopter services to PetroCanada. The new S-92 will be used to transport workers and freight to the Terra Nova oil production field offshore St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Cougar General Manager Rick Burt said, "The Sikorsky S-92 is a new state of the art helicopter. It represents the latest technology available to service the offshore oil and gas industry, and offers a number of features that will significantly enhance passenger comfort and operating efficiency. We know it will serve Cougar and our customers extremely well. We are very much looking forward to integrating it into our regular service."

The S-92 provides unprecedented levels of safety and reliability, including Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS) in all civil aircraft configurations. The S-92 helicopter is the first in the world certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency/ Joint Aviation Authorities (EASA/JAA) to the latest and most rigorous safety standards. The S-92 was also the first helicopter certified by the FAA to FAR Part 29 Transport Rotorcraft, Amendment 47, the latest U.S. safety regulations, which mirror the European standards.

To date Sikorsky has 62 orders and 30 options for S-92s and H-92s, the military variant. They include 28 H-92s for the Government of Canada to fulfill the Maritime Helicopter Project requirement. The S-92 has also been selected by Turkey, Turkmenistan and Korea for head-of-state missions, and the VVIP mission for Gulf Helicopters in Qatar.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, based in Stratford, Conn., is a world leader in helicopter design, manufacturing and service. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX), of Hartford, Conn., which provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries.

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