Sikorsky Aircraft Breaks Ground for Co-generation Project

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Sikorsky Aircraft Breaks Ground for Co-generation Project

September 10, 2009

  STRATFORD, Connecticut - Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. has begun construction of a new co-generation plant at its Stratford facility to become more energy independent. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

Sikorsky chose Carrier Corp., a UTC subsidiary, for a turnkey custom solution and installation of the project. Sikorsky broke ground on Sept. 5. The co-generation plant is being built onsite next to the existing powerhouse. The project is expected to take a year and a half to complete.

Co-generation, also known as combined heat and power (CHP), is the on-site production of two kinds of energy–usually electricity and heat – from a single source of fuel. Co-generation often replaces traditional methods of acquiring multiple forms of energy, such as purchasing electricity from the power grid and separately burning natural gas or oil in a furnace to produce heat or steam.

”While the traditional method of purchasing electric energy from the grid is convenient, it is very inefficient and wastes more than two-thirds of the energy in the original fuel due to production and transportation losses,” said Robert Araujo, Manager of Sustainable Development and Environmental Health & Safety Programs.

“The co-generation process captures the unused heat that is generated from a typical power plant and transforms it into usable energy. By using this technology at the Stratford site, Sikorsky can generate 10 megawatts or 82 percent of our Stratford facility energy needs and save 8,900 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. This will make Sikorsky less energy dependent and contribute to a healthier global environment,” Araujo said.

David Eherts, Vice President of EH&S and Product Safety, said: “Though Sikorsky will spend almost $26 million to construct the facility, based on the reduction in energy costs, the project is estimated to pay back in less than four years, so we’re very eager to begin saving.”

Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., based in Stratford, Conn., is a world leader in helicopter design, manufacture and service. United Technologies Corp., based in Hartford, Conn., provides a broad range of high technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide.

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