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05.25.14-On Igor’s 125th Birthday, A Look Back at His Early Years
A well-known aviation pioneer once said to a young Igor Sikorsky, “Do not waste your time on a helicopter. The airplane will be far more valuable.”... more
05.02.14-History Behind the H-53
The roll out of a new, game-changing heavy lift helicopter, the CH-53K is upon us.... more
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  01.25.05-Qatar's Gulf Helicopter Selects S-92 for VVIP Mission
Gulf Helicopters of Doha, Qatar has signed a contract to purchase an S-92 aircraft to serve VVIP missions. Delivery is scheduled... more
  01.21.05-Republic of Singapore Navy Acquires Six New Naval Helicopters
The Singapore Ministry of Defense has signed a contract with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation of the United States to acquire... more
  01.17.05-All In a Day's Work - LA County Fire Hawk Saves 34
On January 10, a Sikorsky Fire Hawk owned and operated by the Los Angeles County Fire Department rescued 34 victims in the... more
  01.05.05-Naval Helicopters Aid Tsunami Victims
As they have for 60 years, Sikorsky helicopters are leading the way in easing human suffering in the aftermath of catastrophe,... more
  12.22.04-Turkey Signs for Head-of-State Sikorsky S-92
The Turkish government has signed a contract for a Sikorsky S-92 helicopter to serve head-of-state missions. Turkey joins... more
  12.17.04-H-92 Supply Chain Ready for Presidential Flight
Sikorsky Aircraft announced that more than 225 aerospace suppliers across 41 states are ready and qualified to manufacture... more
  12.08.04-Sikorsky Inaugurates Executive Transport Center
FACILITY PREPARED FOR MANUFACTURING NEW PRESIDENTIAL HELICOPTER Touting its mission readiness to build the next Marine... more
  12.06.04-Statement Regarding the Presidential Helicopter Competition for the Republic of Korea
Sikorsky is committed to a fair and transparent bidding process for Republic of Korea's acquisition of fleet of three new... more
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