Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions

Evolving support to drive customer profitability, Sikorsky360

Sikorsky services and support provides customers with world-class fleet management solutions that improve aircraft readiness, availability and reduce maintenance cost. Innovative and committed to its customers, Sikorsky services and support is bringing together OEM expertise, unique analytical processes and modern data management technology to transform customer support from reactive to proactive. In fact, this is what Sikorsky360, the recently launched fleet management program, does best. Sikorsky360 enables customers to get the right information, the right material, at the right time.

At the heart of our Fleet Management Solutions is the state-of-the-art Fleet Management Operations Center (FMOC). The Center is equipped with modern data management systems and staffed with specialists dedicated to maximizing aircraft readiness and reducing maintenance costs for S-92® helicopter operators worldwide. Located in Trumbull, Connecticut, the FMOC presently supports a global fleet of S-92® helicopters around the world. the FMOC has identified over 30 percent direct maintenance cost savings to date based on design and supportability improvements.

The analytical work that the FMOC is currently performing on the S-92® helicopter is only the beginning of Sikorsky services and support Fleet Management evolution, with the long term vision being to establish Fleet Management support on all supported platforms.

These efforts are focused on maximizing aircraft availability, reducing unscheduled maintenance and scheduled inspection requirements, and reducing operational support costs.

Through the FMOC, Sikorsky services and support embraces integrated logistics systems engineering as a way to enhance Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) planning. Our goal is to:

  • Influence product design to incorporate logistics support considerations
  • Identify support problems and cost drivers early
  • Develop logistic support resource requirements for system life
  • Develop a single logistics support database.

We are able to achieve this though the Sikorsky Aircraft Maintainability System (SAMS), a key enabler used to document the logistics support resource requirements. SAMS contains information on tools, maintenance levels, spare parts, consumables, interchangeability, and drawing revisions, and is used to track and assess a product's supportability, reliability, costs, spares, and inventory control requirements. This singular, sophisticated database provides a complete spectrum of product support information in one location and it furnished the source data for the Technical Publications department in their preparation of the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM).

Sikorsky services and support provides cost-protection programs and tools to allow our customers to maintain their aircraft in the most cost effective manner. Click on the following selections to find out more information.

Total Assurance Program

The Total Assurance Program (TAP) serves as a maintenance insurance program policy covering the cost of parts replacement and repair on new Sikorsky aircraft. The value of the TAP...

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Sikorsky360 Portal

This portal provides our customers with a single location for all information required to maintain their aircraft. The portal is a user-friendly web site that only requires a web browser to operate...

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Powertrain Assurance Program

The Powertrain Assurance Program (PAP) assists aircraft owners and operators in managing operating costs. It is a program in which an S-76® helicopter or S-61™ helicopter operator pays...

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S-76® Helicopter Loaner Blade Program

Helicopter Support, Inc. (HSI), a Sikorsky Aerospace Services company, has been providing over 25 years of repair solutions using the skills and experience of our highly-trained mechanics and engineers…

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Web HELOTRAC RL® Maintenance Management System

Web HELOTRAC RL® is a Maintenance Management Software Tool that allows an aircraft operator to access their aircraft compliance information pertaining to inspections...

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Rotor Blade Performance Based Service Agreements

Leader in rotor blade repairs, Composite Technology, a Sikorsky Aerospace Services company, is a worldwide rotor blade repair facility with 5 global strategic locations authorized by AgustaWestland, Bell, Eurocopter...

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