S-76 and S-92 Helicopter Training

S-76® and S-92® Helicopter Training

Sikorsky's alliance with FlightSafety International provides our commercial customers with the highest quality training available. State-of-the-art facilities, training devices, multi-media, and factory approved curriculum for the S-76 and S-92 helicopters are offered at the West Palm Beach (USA) Learning Center. As a recent addition to the Sikorsky/FlightSafety training team, the Farnborough (UK) Learning Center has begun to provide pilot training for the S-92 helicopter. Training is also available at the customer's site.

  • The S-76 helicopter commercial training offerings incorporate the use of multi-media instruction, maintenance training devices, flight training, and simulation up to level D.
  • The S-92 helicopter commercial training offerings below include materials to support classroom instruction. The level D approved simulator, with the latest visual technology, is operational and is available to S-92 helicopter customers.

Available Courses S-76 S-92
Pilot Initial X X
Pilot Recurrent X X
Pilot Transition X  
Pilot Differences X  
Helicopter Instrument Recurrent X  
Emergency MEDEVAC Services Recurrent X  
Pilot Standards Course X  
Operations Management X  
Maintenance Initial X X
Maintenance Update X  
Maintenance Transition    
Maintenance Differences X  
Electrical X X
Digital Automatic Flight Control System X X
Composite Blade Repair X  
Troubleshooting X  
Engine Run-up   X
S-92® Helicopter Familiarization   X

In addition, mission flight training is designed to provide commercial helicopter pilots and sensor operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely conduct various missions in Sikorsky Aircraft platforms.

Additional courses are offered by Sikorsky Aerospace Services to maintenance and avionics technicians. Sikorsky Aerospace Services training specialists develop courses to fit customer needs and provide classroom and hands on instruction on organizational level maintenance requirements, intermediate level maintenance requirements and depot level maintenance requirements.

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