Maintenance & Support Services

Sikorsky understands that for military commanders, the directive is to stay mission ready 24/7. Our fixed wing maintenance and support programs are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of your military missions. We offer a diverse range of support including maintenance, logistics and technical support, kitting, vehicle and performance based logistics solutions, back shop and depot maintenance.

Performance Based Logistics

Aircraft operators face a multitude of aging aircraft problems. They may experience decreased reliability, increased sustainment costs, obsolete technology, and a life cycle...

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Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Derco, a Sikorsky company, simplifies supply chain management through its offering of third party logistics solutions (3PL). Customized to meet the demands and requirements of your...

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Wing Life Monitoring

Lockheed's recently released Service Bulletin mandating the establishment and tracking of equivalent baseline hours (EBH) for C-130 fleet operators is adding to an already burdened workload for aircrew...

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Value Added Services

Simplifying maintenance and inspection activities begins with having the right parts necessary to complete a specific maintenance or inspection task. Derco, a Sikorsky company, offers extensive...

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Maintenance Services

Sikorsky Aerospace Maintenance, a Sikorsky company, provides contract maintenance and base support on fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft...

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