Value Added Services

Value Added Services


Simplifying maintenance and inspection activities begins with having the right parts necessary to complete a specific maintenance or inspection task. Derco, a Sikorsky company, offers extensive capbilities to design kits to meet the requirements of inspection cards, Technical Orders (TOs), OEM service bulletins, and other prescribed maintenance actions and assembling them to be delivered just-in-time for the scheduled activity. Maintainers no longer have to stop work due to a single missing or out-of-stock part. With kitting supported by Derco, maintenance and inspection is completed on-time and aircraft are returned to the fleet without delay. Utilizing Derco's robust Enterprise Resource Program, IFS, Derco logisticians and material planners can create an unlimited number of bill of material configurations for maintenance, inspection, or installation kits.

Excess Inventory Solution

Fleet operators cannot afford the cost incurred from excess parts. It diminishes the return on investment in inventories - money that could be invested in parts needed to support mission readiness. Having too large of an inventory of the wrong part also compromises an operator's ability to maintain mission and fleet sustainment. Derco understands the detrimental effect excess inventory can have on budgets and mission readiness. Derco offers a number of excess inventory management solutions based on its experience managing supply chains, close relationships with part and component manufacturers, robust forecasting and material planning tools.

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