OEM Relationships

OEM Relationships & Licensed Part Manufacturers

OEM Relationships

Derco's (a Sikorsky company) relationships and in some cases, exclusive partnerships with more than 50 OEMs add significant value to all of our services. These relationships are continually expanding, allowing us to increase support to our customers. Solid OEM relationships allow for quality products and services.

Derco's OEM agreements ensure that parts and components are manufactured to specifications and provide:

  • Timely response to inquiries
  • Delivery from our stock
  • Stock orders based on worldwide fleet usage
  • Consistent product availability without lead time
  • Latest revisions and product improvements
  • Superior warranty coordination and technical support
  • Single point of contact for multiple product lines

Derco simplifies aerospace by teaming with the most innovative and respected OEMs to offer a single supply interface to fleet operators.


Licensed Part Manufacturer

Derco supports many of the world's aircraft fleets, stocking a wide variety of parts and offering services for C-130, F-16, F-4, F-5, P-3, A-4, T-38, and more.

Derco is licensed by Northrop Grumman to manufacture and supply F-5 and T-38 spare parts and components, and is licensed by Boeing to manufacture and supply F-4 and A-4 spare parts and components.

Derco has distribution agreements with more than 50 different aerospace OEMs for a multitude of product categories and individual components. As an ISO 9001:2000 accredited, DOD/DLA audited, and AS9100 certified company, Derco maintains the highest quality standards in the aerospace industry.

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