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The Sikorsky Logistic Technologies (LT) team collaboratively works with each program stakeholder to create aviation ground-based logistics products used to access logistics data and maintain/manage aircraft in an accurate and efficient manner. Each product is created, maintained, and supported using a disciplined software development life-cycle process. LT team members have extensive knowledge and experience in leveraging current and leading edge technologies such as SGML, XML, XSLT, object-oriented design and development, Java, and C++.

The Sikorsky LT team has created a number of products designed for maintenance and training use. These products include:

Web-Based Training (WBT)

For just-in-time context-sensitive access to training lessons, a user may select a link from within the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) that launches the Web-Based Training (WBT) application...

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Web HELOTRAC RL® Maintenance Management System

Web HELOTRAC RL® is a Maintenance Management Software Tool that allows an aircraft operator to access their aircraft compliance information pertaining to inspections...

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Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)

Sikorsky's IETM is a portable, electronic "library" which contains thousands of pages of maintenance documentation and illustrations. It is used to locate required technical information...

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