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Rotor Blade Repair

A worldwide leader in rotor blade repair, Composite Technology, a Sikorsky Aerospace Services company, has supported the U.S. Government for over 30 years to include support during Desert Storm, Desert Shield and the Iraq war. All support programs focus on returning to service the components in a timely manner with a solution-driven attitude. Some success support programs include:

  • The Apache AH-64 support program: This program alleviated early scrap and reduced drastically operating costs for both the main rotor and tail rotor blades. For the AH-64 main rotor blade, Composite Technology developed a spar disbond modification to return to service previously deemed scrapped blades. For the Apache tail rotor blade, Composite Technology developed a nickel supplement abrasion strip to protect the full span of the blade subject to FOD and erosion. In addition, Composite Technology developed a proprietary process for the Apache engine cowling to protect the inner surface of the cowling subject to excessive heat.
  • The BLACK HAWK support program: During Desert Storm and Desert Shield, Composite Technology returned to service over 2,800 main and tail rotor blades. For this program, Composite Technology received a Certificate of Achievement by the Department of the Army (U.S. Army Central Command).

Overall, Composite Technology's military rotor blade repair capabilities are extensive and include:

  • AH-64 main/tail/engine cowling (specialized repairs)
  • H-60 main/tail and H3 main/tail
  • UH-1 main/tail, OH-58A/C main/tail, AH-1F main/tail, OH-58D tail
  • CH47C
  • AH/OH-6 main/tail

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