Engineering Change Submission Questionnaire

An engineering change shall be classified as Class I or FAA Major, as applicable, if any of the following are true. Click the appropriate button on the bottom of the page and process your change in accordance with the guidelines contained within the form.

1. Does the proposed engineering change ("Change") result in any of the following being outside the limits or tolerances specified by the SAC (i.e., the Drawings and Specifications accompanying the Purchase Order for the Goods, or the Supplier's configuration documentation)

  • Performance, including but not limited to: Environmental, Software, Firmware, Thermal, Service Life, Process(s), Others
  • Reliability, Maintainability or Survivability
  • Weight, balance, moment of inertia (Aerodynamics, Flight, Communications, Navigation). Interface characteristics
  • Power Plant Operation
  • Structural Strength Flight
  • Characteristics Electromagnetic characteristics
  • Life Limited Components
  • Other additional technical requirements in the specifications (or the PO shall be included)

2. Does the Change affect:

  • Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)
  • Safety
  • Noise characteristics
  • Compatibility or specified interoperability with interfacing Configuration Items (CI's), support equipment (hardware) or support software, spares, trainers or training devices/equipment/software
  • Configuration to the extent that any retrofit action is required
  • Delivered operation and maintenance manuals for which adequate change/revision funding is not provided in existing contracts
  • Preset adjustments or schedules affecting operating limits to such extent as to require assignment of a new identification number
  • Interchangeability, substitutability, or replaceability as applied to the CI, and to all subassemblies and parts except the pieces and parts of non-repairable subassemblies
  • Sources of CI's or repairable items at any level defined by the source control drawing
  • Skills, manning, training, biomedical factors or human-engineering design

3. Does the Change affect any of the following contractual/Purchase Order factors:

  • Cost to Sikorsky
  • Guarantees or warranties
  • Contractual deliverables
  • Schedules contract milestones

If ANY of the above are true click on the "Yes" button. Click on the "No" button if none apply.

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