Sikorsky Order and Forecast System

The Sikorsky Orders and Forecast System provides suppliers with visibility to the following data:

1. Open purchase orders, which are not included in the Lean Scheduling System or the Supplier Delivery System (SDS).

2. Forecast for production parts

Order and Forecast System

The Orders and Forecast system allows suppliers to view open orders or forecast requirements for their MRP parts. The filtering functionality provides the capability of limiting the data presented on the screen, based on the filtering criteria entered.

Additionally, on screen sorting functionality is provided. By clicking on the column heading, the data on the screen will be sorted based on the column selected. Clicking on the column again will change the sort order of the data (from ascending to descending or vice versa). The system also provides functionality to download the data to your computer so you can manage the data locally.

Obtaining an ID and Password:

Access to the system is only allowed to suppliers who have an ID and password. If you are a Sikorsky Supplier and did not receive an email with your ID, you must submit a request for an ID. Select, complete and submit the request form below. You will receive an email notifying you of your ID and instructions to establish your password.

Supplier Portal Access Request Form

If you forget your password:

If you have already successfully accessed the Supplier Portal but have forgotten your password or have been locked out from too many attempts to access the portal: Contact Computer Sciences Corporation Help Desk for Sikorsky Aircraft. Identify yourself as a Sikorsky Aircraft supplier requiring your Siteminder/LDAP2 account password reset.

Use the following toll-free number to obtain support: +1 877-272-4882.

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